How we do it
How we do it

Project up to the current phase financed from own resources

DUTY Exchange is a cross-chain and multichain AMM decentralized exchange. We offer a series of great features for our investors such as NFT, Launchpad, Crypto Games, Swap, Liquidity Pools, Farming, Staking and more.

DUTY Token is the native utility token for the DUTY Exchange ecosystem and has been created to serve as the backbone with a multipronged advantage for all its investors to enjoy through a decentralized, easy to use, affordable and secure medium on multichain blockchain.

Be part of the crypto revolution and gain financial benefits years to come.




Main goal of our DEX is to combine all the benefits that current DEX's offer under one roof to faciliate user experience and low fees..


DUTY token will be our native token and will fuel the entire ecosystem.


We believe that everyone should have the freedom to create, earn, hold and sell digital assets hassle free.


Play-to-earn model it's one of the most flourishing domain in the coming years, enabling even more use cases for NFT's thus we aim to bring this model closer to our users by creating an entire gaming ecosystem based on Blockchain .


Our projects are designed for users who want to take advantage of DeFi opportunities, regardless of location, background, wealth or experience..

Token Information
Token Information

DUTY is our native token with a maximum supply of 1 billion ( 1,000,000,000 ). Initially, the token launches on the BSC network ( BEP-20 ) with a supply of 658.7 million ( 658,750,000 ).

Token Name: DUTY
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Platform: BSC ( Binance Smart Chain )
Token Standard: BEP-20
Circulating Supply: 658,750,000 ( On BSC Network )

Vesting & Cliff
Vesting Info

Our Vesting and Cliff information as per Tokenomices is as below. Please find the more information regarding Vesting and Cliff duration in below tabs...

Private Sales
Private Sales

Don’t miss your chance to invest today in the all-in-one ecosystem made by the people, for the people and gain your financial freedom. Our innovative ecosystem can be accessed through DUTY token, a utility and native token offering unique competitive growth potential. Our private sale will run as needed over several rounds. Below are the details for the first round. All tokens will be sold as tickets. Please check the price for tickets and tokens and the start date. Once the tokens are purchased, they will be locked for 1.5 years and will be released every 3 months according to tokenomics.

Ticket 1

1 Ticket = $500
$ 0.023/Token
Buy Ticket

Ticket 2

1 Ticket = $1000
$ 0.021/Token
Buy Ticket

Ticket 3

1 Ticket = $2500
$ 0.02/Token

Ticket 4

1 Ticket = $5000
$ 0.019/Token

Ticket 5

1 Ticket = $10000
$ 0.018/Token

Ticket 6

1 Ticket = $25000
$ 0.017/Token

Ticket 7

1 Ticket = $50000
$ 0.016/Token

Ticket 8

1 Ticket = $100000
$ 0.014/Token

Ticket 9

1 Ticket = $200000
$ 0.012/Token

Token Allocation
Token Allocation

Token allocation among Teams, Advisor, Treasory, Investor, Marketing, Staking & Rewards, Liquidity, Farming and Updates.

Initial Token Allocation On Major Blockchains

Network based DUTY Token Allocation.

DUTY Roadmap

Please check our Roadmap for future updates , we have mentioned here all the phases and as well as Implemented Features. See below

Q1 2022 (Done)

  1. Company Foundation & Crypto License Permit
  2. Smart Contract development for Dex, NFT & Game
  3. Smart Contract Development for Vesting Dapp
  4. Dex UI Designing & Development
  5. Vesting UI Designing & Development
  6. ICO Development

Q2 2022 (Done)

  1. Dex Swap Implemented
  2. Dex Liquidity features Implemented
  3. Dex limit Orders Implemented
  4. Dex Farm Implemented
  5. Dex Staking ( Veterans Pool) Implemented
  6. Dex Launchpad features Implemented
  7. Dex Analytics features Implemented
  8. NFT marketplace UI Designing & Development started
  9. Elrond NFT Market
    1. Profile management implemented
    2. Market Collection implemented
    3. Auction implemented
    4. Royalty feature implemented
    5. Transaction history & Activity Implemented
    6. Backend API

Q3 2022 ( Done )

  1. Profile Management Implemented
  2. Collection features implemented
  3. Auction implemented
  4. Royalty feature implemented
  5. Transaction history & Activity Implemented
  6. Single & Multi NFT minting based on ERC-721/BEP-721 & ERC-1155/BEP-1155
  7. Mystery Box feature implemented
  8. NFT Backend
    1. User Management
    2. NFT Management
    3. Smart Contract Management
    4. Mystery Box management
    5. Application Setting
    6. IPFS Setting
    7. Block Sync Setting
    8. Network ( ETH/ BNB ) Setting
    9. Token Management
    10. NFT Frontend & Backend API
    11. NFT Category Setting
    12. NFT Fee Setting
    13. Royalty feature implemented

Q4 2022 running …

  1. Private Sale Launching
  2. Smart Contracts Audit
  3. Bug Bounty
  4. Debugging & Testing

Q1 2023 pending

  1. NFT Polygon Implementation
  2. Dex Multichain & Crosschain Implementation
  3. Dex & NFT Marketplace BSC based live
  4. Elrond Marketplace live
  5. Dex Multinetwork Loan Finance Module ( Land & Borrow ) Implementation
  6. Dex Payment Gateway Implemented
  7. Dex Features Trading
  8. Adding Multi Networks NFT Auction
  9. Adding Launchpad Multi Network
  10. NFT Game Live (Chess, Action Game, Racing Game)

Q2 2023 pending

  1. Dex on Elrond Network
  2. NFT Staking
  3. Duty Dex Wallet ( up to Q3 phase 2023 )
  4. Metaverse
  5. Dex P2P Implementation
  6. Cross Chain NFT

Q3 2023 Pending

  1. Dex Wallet Development
  2. Dex & NFT Market additional features
  3. DUTY API for the 3rd Party integration

Q4 2023 Pending

  1. Duty Wallet live
  2. Additional Games
  3. Android & IoS Mobile App

Core Team Members
Core Team

Mihai Soare
Alex Stefan
Octavian Maier
Lead UI/UX Designer
Iosif Alexandru
Head Of Marketing

Dev Team Members
Dev Team

Varun Kumar
Project Manager & Blockchain Dev.
Sr. Blockchain Developer
Joe Reo
Full Stack Developer
Josh Brolin
Sr. Blockchain Developer
Wan Berend
Full Stack Developer

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